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Glass Entry and Patio Doors Reed City

Glass Doctor® Reed City not only fixes window panes, we are also experts in door glass repair and replacement.  We are not a window and door company, we are a glass company.  This means we can offer options that other companies simply cannot. 

Did you know you could repair a door by replacing only the glass instead of the whole door?  Call Glass Doctor® Reed City and let us show you all your options, including:

  • Energy-efficient glass – From low-e, to gas filled double pane units, tinted glass and more.  Discover ways to gain energy efficiency quickly and easily by only replacing the glass in your doors.

  • Beauty and style options – whether you want to make a statement with your front entry door, or you are looking for glass options for your rear patio or French doors, Glass Doctor® Reed City has hundreds of choices for you.  We have intricate decorative glass inserts, patterned and tinted glass, even options like glass grilles in several colors, blinds between the glass, and more

  • Safety and comfort – all doors and glass around doors are required to be manufactured using safety tempered glass.  Ask about other options, like thicker glass, laminated glass, and more to add to the safety, reduce noise, prevent hot and cold areas near windows and doors, and more for your family’s comfort and security.

  • Value – replacing glass in your doors not only saves you money versus replacing the entire door, you also save money in energy costs and can even increase the value of your home.

Entry Doors and Door Glass

The front entry to your home makes the first impression on your guests and neighbors.  Make a statement that says you with an entry door of your dreams.  We offer decorative inserts to change the style of your entry door.  We can match the sidelites and transom windows as well.  You can add blinds or use patterned glass for privacy.  You can even change the color.  With so many options to choose from, find the entry door glass that says “you” for much less hassle and expense than replacing your entire door.

Patio Doors

Add the view to your backyard that you always wanted or regain the view you once had by repairing or replacing the glass in your patio door.  You can add decorative grilles in multiple colors to match your windows or to make a unique statement.  Interior blinds are available.  We also offer multiple styles, colors, and types of glass.  For all the options in glass doors, call Glass Doctor® Reed City today. 


Glass Door Reed City

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