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Glass Options for your Home in Reed City

Glass can be used both inside and outside of your home to provide you a place to eat or to rest your feet, to protect your furniture from wear, and to simply enhance your home.  Glass can be used in many areas and for many purposes, including:

  • Patio Tables and Outside Tables

  • Mirrors for vanities, dressers, or closets

  • Protective glass tabletops to cover furniture

  • Mirrored Walls or Doors

  • Replacement glass for end tables, coffee tables, and more

  • Custom bar or fireplace mirrors

  • Glass shelves, cabinet doors, and more…

When using glass in your home, you can customize with different types of glass, shapes, and edgework to get the glass mirror, tabletop, or other application you desire.
Glass Types and Options

  • Tempered safety glass

    • Pro:  This type of glass is required for outdoor tables and for doors because when broken, it will not break into sharp pieces but into tiny balls that are unlikely to cause injury.

    • Con:  Tempered glass is more apt to break when struck on the edges.  If hit on the flat side, tempered glass is very strong, but if it takes a blow along the edge, it is more likely to break than non-tempered.

  • Low-E

    • Pro:  This coating that blocks the sun’s UV rays is useful for patio tables or for glass near windows where it can help protect furniture and other things from harmful sun damage.

    • Con:  This glass has limited colors and options.

  • Tinted or Patterned glass

    • Pro:  Customize your look with colored and or patterned glass.  We have dozens of choices to customize your look from the rain glass used in many patio tables to pitted or antique glass for an aged look.  Many tint colors are also available from classic bronze or gray to blue.

    • Con:  Style or taste may change.

  • Shapes

    • Pro:  We can cut any shape in glass.  We will even come out, make a pattern and do a custom order.

    • Con:  Some shapes and designs weaken the glass and cannot be warranted.  Of course we will advise you if this is the case.

  • Edgework

    • Pro:  Custom edgework can make a plain piece of glass look more elegant; have a lower profile along the edges to make less of a ridge, etc.

    • Con:  Thinner or custom edges may be more prone to chips or damage.

Whatever glass thickness, shape, design, color, and edging you desire, Glass Doctor® Reed City is the expert in all things glass.  We specialize in getting you the look for your home that you desire.





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