Glass isn’t limited to just windows and doors! Glass can also help you make a statement in your home’s décor. Glass is a durable, classic material that can do many things for your home interior. The sky – and your imagination- is the limit! From protecting fragile surfaces to expanding the sense of space to creating a unique and inimitable style, glass table tops, mirrors and shelves will add excitement and style to your décor.

Protection – Glass will cover and protect wood furniture such as dining room tables, end tables and coffee tables, desks and vanities, dressers, and entertainment centers. Do you have a family heirloom that you want to use but need to keep the wood surface safe? Glass is easy to clean and can withstand heat, impact and general wear and tear so you can prevent damage to your irreplaceable furniture.

Light and Expansion – Mirrors are a great answer for making a small space seem larger. They also reflect and improve lighting in a dark area. From custom framed mirrors, to lining the back of a cabinet with mirror, to an entire mirrored wall, Glass Doctor® can customize the mirror solution you desire.


Added Style – Glass is clean, classic and can set a room apart with anything from custom mirrors to glass shelves that give your room display space. Floating glass tabletops make a statement without adding bulk or making the room seem too crowded. The type of glass in a cabinet doors or interior doors can customize a look from contemporary and modern to antique.  Glass is a great choice when you’re looking for a way to accent or anchor your home’s décor.

Custom Glass Tabletops

Patio tables can be custom designed and created or we can fit glass to your existing frame. Need a hole or an umbrella for your table? No problem, we create one for you! Decorative options include clear, patterned, or even tinted glass to customize your look.

Other options for glass tabletop include cutting it to fit inside an existing frame or to “float” on a semi-supported frame. Any type, size and shape of glass is available. We can even come out to your home to measure and provide samples to ensure you get just what you need.

Glass protects your furniture and looks great, too. We can custom design any size, style, and edgework you desire. Our technicians come to your home to measure your furniture and make sure we cut the glass to exactly the right size and shape.

Here are just a few of the options for your glass tabletop:

Tinted or patterned glass
Custom shapes including: round, oval, racetrack, octagon,
Flat or rounded polished edges
Bevels to give your glass a subtle edge and a classic look
Safety glass for patio or for extra security in case of glass breakage
UV protection glass to keep furniture from fading
Home Mirrors
Mirrors can be used in almost every area of the home to enhance your décor.  Some of the applications include:
Mirrored closets and doors
Vanity mirrors
Mirrored entryways
Shelving and tabletops topped with mirrors
Custom designed mantle mirrors
Mirror-lined walls And more…

What can Glass Doctor® help you achieve in your home’s interior?

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