Glass Doors and Door Glass Michigan


Glass Doctor® of Michigan can service or replace all types of glass doors, patio doors, glass panes in doors, and glass around doors for both your home and business needs. We have the selections and styles you need, no matter what you are looking for. When you want:


Multi-pane (two or three layers) sealed insulated glass components can significantly decrease the heat transference through the glass in your doors. Argon gas can further increase this result.

Low-E Glass deflects the suns UV rays and stops heat from coming in to your home in the warm months and prevents heat loss in the cooler months.



Increasing the efficiency of your door glass will improve more than your energy cost. Installing energy efficient glass will make the temperature home more consist throughout your home. No more hot spots in summer and cold drafts in winter.

Increase the privacy and peace in your home by taking advantage of the noise reduction multi-pane glass naturally provides.


There are dozens of options for your door glass – decorative designs, colored or patterned glass, lattices or blinds sandwiched between the panes -the possibilities are endless!
Select the features and options for your glass installation that express your individual style and fit your budget, we make sure your doors express your uniqueness and meet your needs.


Interested in greater curb appeal for your home? Updated entry doors and new door glass can increase the value of your home

Upgrading your glass instead of replacing the whole door delivers a double benefit: you reduce energy cost and reduce the cost of the project when you install replacement glass instead of replacing the whole door.


Did you know that door glass must be made of tempered glass? Known as “safety glass” it shatters into tiny round balls when broken, thus preventing cuts and other injuries from sharp edges.

Laminated glass is made of a layer of flexible poly between two sheets of glass, just like your car’s windshield. Installing laminated glass, which won’t shatter, avoids exposing your home to the elements in case it breaks.

Glass Doctor®Michigan has been replacing door glass for over 50 years, so we can help you decide what you need for your home. There are hundreds of options to choose from, and our expert technicians understand them all. We work on all types of glass in and around your doors, so we can help with:

Patio doors, including tracks and hardware

Entry doors
French doors
Sliding glass doors
Pocket sliders
Garage doors
  And more…