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Whether you have damage to your windows from a storm or an accident or your double pane windows are foggy, Glass Doctor® of Michigan is the right solution for you.

Insulated Glass Replacement

Are your windows fogging up between the glass panes?  This means the insulated glass unit has lost its seal.  Glass Doctor® Michigan can remove your current glass unit and install a high quality, guaranteed replacement.  Our process will save you substantial time, money, and hassle when compared to installing replacement windows.


You don’t have to deal with construction crews in your home for weeks either. Many glass replacements can be done in only a few hours, start to finish.

Replacement glass won’t bust your budget!

This is because you only need to replace the glass units that have failed, and keep the others with no concerns about matching the remaining windows. The glass replacement process also need much less secondary repair caused by damage to surrounding walls, trim, and siding when windows are replaced. And quite frankly, you don’t have to pay for all new frames and hardware if it isn’t needed, only the glass.

The professionals at Glass Doctor® Michigan will complete your window glass replacement quickly, we’ll do it right to first time, and we’ll even clean up before we go.

When you decide to replace the insulated glass units in your windows, follow these important tips:

Beware of anyone who claims they can reseal your current window glass! Quite frankly, this will not work. The original glass window units are constructed with either a vacuum or a gas, such as argon, between the glass panes when manufactured to reduce heat transfer. Resealing the old unit may keep moisture out, but your energy efficiency is lost and cannot be restored. Replacement is the only option.
Make sure the replacement glass unit installed is guaranteed against future seal failure. You do not want to be replacing window glass every few years. This is what happens when you install poorly constructed replacement units.

The glass company who installs your glass must use the proper sealants and adhesives on your new insulated glass unit. This not only ensures that the window is held properly in the frame, some adhesives actually damage the seal around your new glass unit causing it to break down. If the glass company you are considering does not understand this issue, your new units are likely to fail prematurely.          
Ask the glass company you are considering about their experience and their warranties. Many companies have entered and left the business in the 50+ years that Glass Doctor® has been around. We have the expertise to do your job right, and we back it up with exceptional warranties.

Maybe you don’t have foggy window units but need other type of repair or replacement. Glass Doctor® has experience in all types of window glass service so we can get the job done quickly. Other window glass replacement options include:

Single pane glass
Storm windows
Tinted or patterned glass for privacy
Low-E coating for energy efficiency

And more…


No matter the type of window in your home and no matter how large or small the issue, Glass Doctor® Michigan can fix your panes!  Call today for a no-obligation, in-home consultation!